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Fuel audience growth using
media supply chain innovation


 In collaboration with

Amazon Web Services Marketplace

Keep up with growing content demands and shrinking timelines by integrating and automating workflows using the latest media cloud solutions. Join leaders from AWS and Paramount as they discuss the benefits of supply chain innovation.


Calendar icon  Thursday, March 7, 2024

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  • Drive audience interest and generate sales using media supply chain innovation
  • Understand the value of integrations and partnerships with a range of content owners
  • Accelerate asset discovery with enhanced search capabilities

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About AWS Marketplace:

AWS Marketplace helps organizations discover, procure, experiment with, and provision third-party software, services, and data. With AWS Marketplace, you can unlock innovation with access to thousands of software listings and improve software governance with streamlined approvals and spend visibility. Visit Media & Entertainment Solutions in AWS Marketplace ( to learn more.

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